All of our services are tailored to suit each family’s
individual requests and needs

This involves a 15 minute security check, morning and night for added peace of mind. A 15 minute call will ensure the security of the home, locking windows and door and setting alarm, ensuring the clients well being.

This includes a 30-minute security search, morning and night, for added peace of mind. A 30-minute call would ensure the security of the house, the locking of both windows and doors and the checking of the alarm setting, ensuring the well-being of the clients.

Our waking night service includes our carers being on hand at all hours of the night and being awake, aware and ensuring that the client is sleeping or resting.
Most importantly ensuring that the client is comfortable, safe and healthy

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia can be both challenging and rewarding, and we are committed to providing sufficient tangible support and assistance for individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia as well as their families. All of Westcare Homecare’s staff are fully qualified to provide our clients with the best level of care with respect and dignity

We understand that cancer is a disease that affects the whole family. Westcare Homecare offers a range of support services to individuals and their families. We can help with all day-to-day tasks such as household chores, including cleaning and cooking. Our respite services will offer families time to take a break from their role as the primary caregiver for any amount of time.

Westcare Homecare provides a wide variety of physical and intellectual disability support services for seniors, infants, young people and their families. People assisted may need assistance in any or all aspects of their lives, depending on the nature of their disability. They may need assistance with personal care, mobility, responding to high medical needs, personal safety and well-being, communication aids, support for access to community resources and/or involvement in community life in general. All of this can be achieved when preserving the integrity and freedom of the client at all times.

Westcare Homecare takes a person-centred approach to disability care. We provide support with dail living activities, environmental orientation, suppor with social activities and physical exercise. Our carers and personal assistants are fully trained and utilize an holistic and interactive approach to disability care.

If a client is concerned with day-to-day tasks, our companionship care service is the remedy. This form of home care worker most frequently joins the client on trips and will often support GP meetings and hospital visits.

For added peace of mind for the client and family, Carers will sleep at the client’s home for a minimum of 8 hours. The carer is expected to get a reasonable night’s sleep but is on hand if required.

Live In Care is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a week, which helps you or your loved one to rest at home in a familiar, relaxing environment with a carer. This carer will provide assistance with personal care, housekeeping, and companionship.

Palliative Care helps to make life as comfortable as possible for patients with advanced progressive diseases and their families.

Our aim is to mentally control discomfort and optimize independence. We provide professionall trained staff to provide compassionate services to people with terminal disease.

Respite care provides temporary relief to family members from caring for people with varying needs. An integral aspect of an overall home care support strategy, respite care is provided at home or in a range of out-of-home environments for any period of time, depending on the needs of the family.

This service supports the client and the family with discharge from the hospital, casualty or the outpatient surgery. This service includes a carer to go home with the client, pick up medicine, and prepare a meal. This service is available from a minimum of 4 hours to multiple days.

Westcare Homecare provides a person-centered approach to elderly care that is dignified. Our highly trained carers are proud of their commitment to maintaining the well-being and independence of everyone they care for and to provide you with support for everyday activities. We provide support with personal care such as showering and shaving, getting in and out of bed, dressing and undressing etc.